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the story

Hi, welcome to the home of myself, Dan Donovan. Way back in 2003 I was running a graphic design company called The Design Dell. I had a notion to show the world our passion and took a creative side step from our commercial work to produce an aesthetic journal. Battenburg was that publication and was distributed nationally it also found it's way onto the shelves of the Tate Modern store.

I closed the company in 2007 and found some liberation at the opportunity to build on and develop my creative offering. Battenburg was re-birthed as my creative home.

My portfolio is now very varied. As a graphic designer, photographer, film maker, musician and workshop artist I find work colourful and engaging as indeed are my clients. I have a pool of talented individuals who I pull in to play on different projects but I always remain hands on steering and directing.

I'm always interested to hear from you. Do say hello and do throw a glance at my work, maybe we can do something great together.


for the eating...

In the begining

Battenburg bookazine
published 2003
No longer available but you can view it all here.

In it you'll see a very young Katie who now is one half of The Ting Tings.

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